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If you need information on what it takes to start a business please contact us below at the number provided.


We will offer you step by step information on how to get started.
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Email me at for your discount wholesale code at checkout
Call 714) 640-7917 and ask for Fabiola



First order is $300.00.  All reorders are $100.00 minmum.

The Toe Ring Company offers a wide variety of fitted toe rings as seen on our retail website. We purchase top quality, handmade toe rings direct from the manufacturer and made in the United States. We purchase in large volume and can we sell to you in smaller, more affordable quantities.

We have 4 wholesale packages with everything you need to get your Toe Ring business started. Our first order is $300.00 minimum.  You must have a business license or resale certificate.




Returns:  On wholesale orders there are no returns. Once you place your order it cannot be cancelled as rings are made to order.  We will gladly exchange any damaged items or any item sent to you in error.  Our rings are made to order and we do not stock them.  

If you have any questions on what to order so that you can sell your items quickly please email us or call us.  We will be glad to help you get started.


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Please contact us for more information at

 or call us at 714) 640-7917


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